Joint Therapy Bath Crystals -19 Oz- Therapeutic Natural Salts & Minerals to Relax Aches, Pains, & Inflammation for Hot Tub

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Product Features

  • Joint Therapy – 19 Oz Bottle – All Natural, Therapeutic Bath Crystals – Perfect to Speed Recovery of Sore Joints
  • Powerful Aromatherapy with Natural Coloring – Enhances Relaxation – Vitamin Enfused
  • Remedy for Aches and Pains – Reduce Tension & Stress – Enhance Self-Healing & Detoxify
  • Skin Softening Moisturizers – For Spas, Hot Tubs, Jacuzzis, & Whirlpool Baths – Spa Safe
  • Does Not Affect the pH or Water Chemistry – Safe For Children & Pets – Will Not Damage, Stain or Affect Equipment or Surface
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Product Description

Relax Spa & Bath crystals will enhance any spa or bath experience. Whether it is romance, peace of mind or well-being that you are seeking, Relax Spa & Bath crystals help set the mood, arouse emotions, and relax your state of mind. Simply add the desired dosage of our naturally colorful and full of fragrance crystals to your spa or bath to obtain the desired aroma level. Relax Spa & Bath crystals are designed for spas, hot tubs, jacuzzi, and whirlpool baths as well as rejuvenating baths, aroma showers, shower salt scrub, and pedicure soaks.

While enhancing your spa or bath experience, the therapeutic benefits of Relax Spa & Bath crystals will enhance even longer. Relax Spa & Bath crystals are an all natural remedy for aches and pains, reduce tension and stress by increasing circulation, and enhance self-healing capabilities while eliminating toxins. Regular use provides relief to the symptoms of psoriasis, skin allergies, arthritis, back pain, and is even recognized as a cure for stress, insomnia and many other related conditions. Relax Spa & Bath crystals contain skin pampering moisturizers and water softening elements to enhance quick healing of the skin tissue and provides the skin’s surface with anti-allergic elements.

Relax Spa & Bath products are spa and bath safe, oil free, and will not damage, stain or otherwise affect your equipment or surface. Relax Spa & Bath crystals do not affect the pH or water chemistry of any body of water.

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