Lemonbest® Underwater IP67 LED Multi-color Aqua Glow Light Show Pond Pool Spa Hot Tub Floating LED Bath Light

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Do you have a pool or spa you’d like to jazz up for a party?
Underwater Light Show is a funky waterproof light box that you can pop underwater in your pool, spa or even bath tub, creating a beautiful light display perfect for a relaxing night in or to get the party started.
A dazzling blend of five coloured LEDs and five different light patterns ensure you never tire of one particular show, whilst giving you the option to select a display to suit the occasion and your mood. This fabulous underwater disco ball even floats, so you can project these mesmerising light patterns onto the sides of the pool, walls and up into the night. The Underwater Light Show is designed with a magnifying cover, which maximises the area of illumination and makes for some pretty impressive light effects. There are no rules to say your Underwater Light Show even has to go anywhere near water to work. We tried the Underwater Light Show indoors in a darkened room and the results are hypnotic. Attractive light patterns project 360 degrees around the room, covering the walls with colour, giving you a soothing mood light as well as a fantastic underwater disco ball.

The More You Buy ¨C The More Impressive is the Show!!
Underwater Show LED Disco Ball Multi-color Light Bath Hot Tub SPA Jacuzzi Decoration for the Pool, Party

How to Use:

First, screw out the three screws, and take out the cover

Second, put three AAA battery into the battery case, make sure the battery’s anode and cathode are correct. Put on the switch to check if it will work, if it works then long-pressing on the switch for 4 seconds and it will turn off

Last, tightening the screws back; if not, the water will ruin the battery, then will be damaged.


Material: PP

Battery: 3 x AAA battery (not included)

Package Included:

1 x underwater LED light