VicTsing5 Light Patterns Underwater LED Disco AquaGlow Light Show Pond Pool Spa Hot Tub

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Switch ON/OFF and Modes: MODE1:The unit sparkles with 4 ultra-bright LEDs consecutively very quickly MODE2:The LEDS sparkle a little bit slower MODE3:The LEDS light up one by one in different colors MODE4:All LEDS are on all the time MODE5:To shift to mode 1 light patter again. Features: Easy On/Off Function(Press the button once to turn on, hold for 3 seconds to turn off) 5 Models of light patterns (By Pressing On/Off Key on the top of underwater light to shift the light pattern) Easy Battery Installation(Loosen the screw on the battery cover and inser 3 AAA batteries(not included)replace the lip and tighten the screw before use) Note: Please do not soak this LED light in the water all the time, and it had better float on the water, don’t put it on to the bottom. Package Included: 1x Underwater Show LED Disco Ball Multi Light(no battery included)